Your Clients Hire You For Your Experience And Specific Advice

Attorneys Hire Us For The Same Reasons

We have studied and understand how attorneys think and have perfected a financial planning process that tackles issues specific to you including:

Lack of Time

Attorneys are incredibly busy, often accounting for every ticking moment.  Any leftover hours are best spent enjoying family and personal interests, leaving little time or desire to focus on household finances.

Our simplified planning process and effective use of technology are designed to save you time.  As an example, all of our reports are available on the web or via an app.


We will assist with the day-to-day financial details so you can reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

Inconsistent or variable Income

An attorney’s inconsistent income stream can be very rewarding but equally demanding.  Varying caseloads, quarterly or year-end bonuses, and other volatile income events make it difficult to manage cash flow, tax, and retirement planning.

Cash flow modeling and scenario planning will show you how to smooth out variable income and help to keep your plan on track.

Complicated Benefits Packages

Benefit choices can be especially complex for attorneys at larger firms.  There are tax implications to carefully consider, along with cash-flow constraints, employee matches, investment options, and more.

Attorneys at smaller firms may lack a robust benefits package which limits their ability to manage contribution amounts and tax decisions.  Group insurance coverage may be non-existent forcing attorneys to purchase coverage on their own, which can lead to greater expense.

We provide a detailed review of your benefits package and help you to maximize the value to you and your family. 


We also recommend additional benefits that you or our firm may not be aware of.

High Taxation

Employment structure (employee vs. self-employed) and the legal structure of the firm can play a huge role in how and when you are paid. Many lawyers make significant income but lack the tools necessary to reduce taxation like business owners can.

Our tax estimation tools and tax experience help in guiding decisions that lower your tax bill while testing for unintended consequences now or in the future.


Our experience with qualified plan design can make a meaningful difference in your yearly tax bills.

Firm Succession Issues

Many experienced lawyers have not done a good job preparing younger lawyers to take over the business aspects of running a profitable law firm.  Cookie cutter buy/sell agreements and lack of funding often cause issues that can easily be fixed.

Buy/sell agreements are fully reviewed and tested for different scenarios.


We create a plan for income replacement in retirement (including advising on capital draws, pension payouts and more).

Here are two scenarios that demonstrate our process specific to attorneys

attorney wanting to invest smarter

Learn How We Helped Brad

Brad is in his 40s and has to balance work and a growing family

attorney wanting to increase cash flow and reduce taxes

Learn How We Helped Rebecca

Rebecca just turned 60 and is concerned about her retirement and the future of the firm she built