Investment Management In Virginia Beach

Managing our client’s investments is one of our most important jobs and one that we take very seriously. Over the years we have found that four common pillars of investment excellence provide a clear advantage to our clients:

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Collaborate With Experts

Our access to unlimited investment firm intellectual capital allows us to collaborate and learn from the best in the business.  While information is ubiquitous and abundant in this digital age, our core mission is to understand your particular situation well before we search the marketplace to customize a lower-cost portfolio specific to your needs.

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Emotions Are Part Of Who We Are

As humans, we are often driven by emotions. Unfortunately, this can lead us to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. That’s why our approach relies heavily on mathematics and statistics to construct portfolios that give you the best opportunity to succeed. We take into consideration your income needs and long-term growth targets and design our portfolios to participate in growing markets as well as weather the challenging ones.

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Keep Costs Low

Fees matter.  That’s why we prefer to start with low-cost index funds to build the core of your portfolio. In certain areas of investing, such as international, emerging markets, and fixed income, it may be beneficial to hire a manager to either reduce risk or maximize returns, but it must be mathematically clear that their additional cost adds value to your portfolio. This “active-passive” approach lowers your overall costs and tends to increase performance over time.

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Customize Each Solution

One size does not fit all. We use our extensive experience and customize portfolios utilizing a wide variety of stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and private portfolio managers, including:

  • Vanguard Mutual Funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Fidelity zero cost index funds
  • Hundreds of low-cost mutual fund managers
  • Over 300 separate account managers that can provide better tax control

Capture your risk tolerance to see if your portfolio fits you.

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